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I once had a person I was witnessing to ask “Well… who made God”? Another time someone asked me if God could make a rock so big He couldn’t lift it. Never get side-tracked by these Red Herrings. They are usually smoke-screens designed to quell your reasoning, or dispel the conviction the Holy Spirit may be bringing to bear on their own conscience. These are all non-sensical queries or statements, and should be parried quickly, allowing you to return to the real issue: man’s guilt before a Holy God, and Christ’s answer on the Cross. Please read the following article, as I found it helpful.

“Separate and apart from the fact that God is not, Himself, physical, and that He created the entire physical Universe, though He is metaphysical and transcendent of the Universe, the question is a conceptual absurdity. It’s like asking, “Can God create a round square or a four-sided triangle?” No, He cannot—but not for the reasons implied by the atheist: that He does not exist or that He is not omnipotent. Rather, it is because the question is, itself, self-contradictory and incoherent. It is nonsensical terminology. Rather than saying God cannot do such things, it would be more in harmony with reality to say that such things simply cannot be done at all. God is infinite in power, but power meaningfully relates only to what can be done, to what is possible of accomplishment—not to what is impossible! It is absurd to speak of any power (even infinite power) being able to do what simply cannot be done. Logical absurdities do not lend themselves to being accomplished, and so, are not subject to power, not even to infinite power (see Warren, 1972, pp. 27ff.).

via Apologetics Press – Can God Do Everything?.

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A Pre-anniversary Ramble

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This is a pre-anniversary musing…so please indulge me.

Lisa and I took a trip to Pigeon Forge last week. It’s the first trip we’ve taken without kids or family in a long time. It’s nice to remember why you married the person you did. Opposites may attract, but sharing some basic common interests will keep you together. Like, an 11 pm Denny’s run, or a Tomtom trek to Foxfire Mountain Adventures where you traverse the boonies, and laugh all the way. Maybe it’s finding the covered bridge your beloved wanted to see by accident on your trek through said boonies. It could be finding an adorable bloodhound named Droopy, or walking hand-in-hand over the longest swinging bridge in the U.S. Perhaps it’s hiking way too far in your present malfunctioning lumbar hardware-bulging disc-arthritic neck-desperately out of shape condition with your wife just ’cause you’re enjoying her company. Finding that waterfall with the swinging bridge over it, or watching fools speed down a 600 ft. zipline while secretly wishing it was you could be it. Perchance it could be thoroughly enjoying a trip through the Titanic Museum, or laughing hilariously at yourself for sticking your hand in a garbage can, thinking it was the 28 deg. water the sign above it alluded to, only to have a Porter walk by and say “sir, that’s a garbage can, but don’t feel bad, it happens a lot”, or seeing the violin fished from the water, and listening to the horrible story of the band conductor’s demise, and subsequent fiance’s reception of said six figure fiddle. Maybe it’s sleeping in a bed that’s larger than your own, without competing for the covers and space with a 20 year old grumpy Yorkie, a schnauzer who’s all legs, and a fat tabby who thinks he’s a kitten. A 2-1/2 mile excursion to a beautiful waterfall that no one told you was 1-1/4 mile uphill at a 20 deg. incline goes a long way towards a Kodak moment. Eating enough pot roast from the Old Mill ’til you think you’re going to hurl, and taking banana pudding back to your room for later will definitely rekindle your affection for your soulmate. Conceivably, that side trip to the cheesy zoo where you feed goats, sheep, and try to talk to a furry chicken could be the kairos moment you feel the luv. As you can tell, Lisa and I enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Give us a trail, an animal, a menu, a waterfall, a tragic boating accident, a covered bridge, or a motel room with essence de B.O. in the hallway, and we’re happy. It’s the company that counts. I would share pictures, but a certain offspring of mine is slow in downloading her camera that we borrowed. So for the moment, my words will have to suffice. I love my wife, and it’s nice to be reminded why, in so many wonderful ways.