When the Case for God Is Strong, Skeptics Attack Christianity | Cold Case Christianity

Posted: December 20, 2013 in Apologetics, Quotes
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Sarcasm (Photo credit: Seviy Seviy)

Pardon me, but your sarcasm is showing…

When any point of view is caricatured, you’ve lost the argument and set an innocent strawman on fire. It’s easier to demonize an opposing voice than actually engage it.

“Those who make a case for some form of atheistic cosmology have a choice. They can examine the evidence and reason to the best inference between atheism and theism (or deism), or they can reason between atheism and Christianity. Krauss, Hawking and Stenger often choose the second approach, recognizing the additional layer of evidences demanded by Christianity. Many of their readers may, like Flew, be inclined toward a belief in God more readily if it wasn’t characterized by some sarcastic view of Christianity. When these authors choose to compare their naturalistic explanations to some cynical misrepresentation of Christianity rather than a more minimalistic characterization of theism or deism, they expose their concern related to the reasonable case for God’s existence.

I believe the evidence for God’s existence is strong, and if there were no historic theistic systems from which to choose, I would, like Flew, embrace some form of theism or deism. But we do have a history from which to draw, and if the history related to Jesus is reliable, we owe it to ourselves to examine the additional claims of Christianity.” — J. Warner Wallace

via When the Case for God Is Strong, Skeptics Attack Christianity | Cold Case Christianity.

simul iustus et peccator,

Erik Estrada (not)


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