Stand to Reason | What Luke Actually Wrote

Posted: December 28, 2013 in Apologetics, Quotes
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Why is it the Gospel writers are historically suspect? It’s because of preexisting bias against them.
St Luke's Infancy Narratives

St Luke’s Infancy Narratives (Photo credit: Lawrence OP)

“The gist of the problem is that Luke claims that the first tax when Quirinius was governor of Syria was at the time of Jesus’ birth – around 4-2 B.C. The Jewish historian Josephus, however, records that the first tax under Quirinius’ administration was in 6 A.D., after Jesus’ birth. There’s no reconciling these reports, unless we actually look back at what Luke wrote and at some historical data.

First let me make the point Greg made to the caller. Luke itself is a historical account that we should take just as seriously as Josephus. The posture that the Bible is the questionable source behind other historical sources is just plain prejudice before examining the accounts. The Gospels, just like Josephus, claim to be ancient historical records, and they should be taken as such until proven to be untrustworthy. So far, they have not been dismissed based on the facts, only by assumption. Josephus’ accuracy can be questioned in light of Luke’s account just as much as the other way around.”

via Stand to Reason | What Luke Actually Wrote.


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