On Getting Some Perspective: The “Historical Buddha” | Larry Hurtado’s Blog

Posted: December 29, 2013 in Apologetics
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SeatedBuddhaGandhara2ndCentury (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Some historical humility from skeptics would be nice.


“Well, in any case, it’s an interesting parallel to the questions and controversies over the “historical Jesus.”  There are, it would seem “historical Buddha” inquiries as well.  But the story also offers a reason and basis for gaining some perspective.  In the case of Jesus, we’re not entirely sure what year he was born (arguments typically ranging between ca. 4-7 BCE), or what year precisely to date his execution (between 28-34 CE; see Helen Bond’s brief discussion of the matter on the CSCO blog site here).  In the case of Gautama, it appears that scholars dispute which century in which to place him.  Neither left writings, and around each one a massive trans-local religious movement developed.  In the case of Jesus, our earliest known accounts were written ca. 40+ years after his death (the four familiar Gospels).  In the case of Gautama, the oldest biographical source is a poem,  Buddhacarita, dated to the 2nd century CE (i.e., approximately 600 years after the time when most scholars think Gautama died).”

via On Getting Some Perspective: The “Historical Buddha” | Larry Hurtado’s Blog.




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