Come Reason’s Apologetics Notes: Can Infinite Universes Explain Fine-Tuning?

Posted: January 3, 2014 in Apologetics, Quotes
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English: Universal gravitational constant (G)

English: Universal gravitational constant (G) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The accumulation of evidence should be enough to overcome doubts about individual elements.

First, the LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE. Two such finely tuned laws are:

The law of gravity that acts on all matter. Without gravity, stars would break apart and we would have no long-term energy to sustain life.

The strong nuclear force. Without this, the protons in the nucleus of an atom would repel each other and our universe would be made up of nothing more than hydrogen.

Secondly, we see fine tuning in the FUNDAMENTAL CONSTANTS that govern just how much items in the universe are affected by certain laws.Here are just two:

We know that the gravitational constant, which is the value of how much masses will be attracted to one another could sit in a range anywhere within 1x 1040 power, or 1 followed by 40 zeros. But if the force of gravity was increased by one part in a billion, billion, billion, billion, advanced life would be crushed according to Cambridge Royal Society Research professor Martin Rees.[1]

Barrow & Tipler, in their landmark book The Anthropic Cosmological Principle, note that if Einstein’s cosmological constant varied in either direction by as little as 1 x 10120, (which is a fraction so small that it would take more zeros to write than there are atoms in the universe) If this were to be changed by even that amount, the universe would expand too fast for galaxies & stars to form.

Thirdly, we see that the INITIAL DISTRIBUTION OF MASS AND ENERGY of the Big Bang needed to be just right. The initial conditions of the universe show extremely low entropy. Roger Penrose calculated the chances of this to be 1×1010^(123), a fraction so incredibly small it defies any example. Penrose said, “I cannot even recall seeing anything else in physics whose accuracy is known to approach, even remotely, a figure like one part in 1010^(123).”

Taking all this into account, John Leslie remarks, “Clues heaped upon clues can constitute weighty evidence, despite doubts about each element in the pile.”[2]”

— Lenny Esposito

via Come Reason’s Apologetics Notes: Can Infinite Universes Explain Fine-Tuning?.

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  1. agnophilo says:

    The idea that modifying life by a tiny fraction would crush everything alive to death is just silly, since the effect of gravity (and the weight of atmospheric pressure) changes by a significant amount from higher to lower altitudes. Jumping in a swimming pool puts more pressure on your body than increasing gravity by a minute amount would. Me thinks science is once again being invented or misrepresented by fundamentalists. I like how later einstein’s cosmological constant is being invoked as being necessary for life – what the author doesn’t tell you is that he later referred to that constant as his “greatest blunder” when it was proven that the universe was not steady-state. The article is using misrepresented and anachronistic scientific ideas.

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