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Posted: January 8, 2014 in Apologetics, Quotes
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Darwinian Depression


#8 Naturalism is the idea that the material world, the world that we can test, is all that exists. (That’s short for “metaphysical naturalism” as some readers might take issue.) Naturalism is not evolution. Naturalism is not even science. Naturalism says that there is no God (or that at best God is not involved). When someone suggests that in all of the tests being done that they have never seen God, just remind them there are no physical tests for God. There are also no physical tests for the mind. Some subjects occur outside of physical testing.

All science is done in the context of presuppositions – things that are assumed to be true. This is where naturalism exists. Even these exist in historical context. Darwin wrote in one context where the mechanical world directly affected his thoughts and ideas. The neo-Darwinists wrote in another world, one where physical testing was the new rule of the day. And today’s mathematically driven theories are coming about in the era of computing power and a digital view of the world. None of the three may be separated from their history. Each may be viewed as limited by their history. When we leave this era of computing then the ideas of Wolfram and Shapiro will be rejected just as were their predecessors.

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