Why every Christian needs to be a “theologian” – the discipleship of the mind | Pastor Dominic

Posted: January 10, 2014 in Theology
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This means that theology is absolutely vital. Think about it: if theology was irrelevant, it wouldn’t matter what we believed. It would be of no consequence whether we were Muslims or Mormons (all of whom hold religious ideas which include a role for Jesus). But Christ is worth honoring and serving precisely because of who he is and what he has accomplished, and that is what the task of Christian theology is all about.  Indeed, true faith rests on the foundation of certain doctrinal claims – and theology protects us from errors and defines the boundaries of our thoughts concerning God.

Ultimately theology cannot be avoided – it is an inescapable concept. Everyone has a theology. It is never a question of theology or no theology; it’s always a question of what theology: biblical theology or unbiblical theology, good theology or bad theology. So what type of theology do you have? The good news is that it can always be improved – there is always more to learn. Make a decision today to disciple your mind. And determine to be the best Christian theologian you can be!

via Why every Christian needs to be a “theologian” – the discipleship of the mind | Pastor Dominic.

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