A Systematic Theology Reading Group

Posted: February 23, 2014 in Quotes, Theology


Oh, what I would give to be part of a group like this. How wonderful it must be to fellowship in a church that would foster theologically-thinking members. I feel like an oddity…an enigma…a relic whose mentors are a lot old dead white guys. Our culture of American Christianity would rather feel than think…would prefer experientialism over exposition.

Yeah, I know…would I like some cheese with that whine? Well, yes sir, I would. Gouda for me-lol.

“Pastor, I want to thank you. My marriage has been totally turned around.

These aren’t the words you expect someone to write three months after their spouse began reading a 1,291-page systematic theology book, yet that’s exactly what I was being told in a card. My prayers had been answered. I’d prayed that God would give people such a love for him and his Word that it would begin to affect all areas of their life. I’d also prayed that reading and discussing a systematic theology book with others would be one of those means.”

— Eric Bancroft, on The Gospel Coalition blog

via http://feedly.com/e/WxdI8sVm

simul iustus et peccator,

Eric Adams


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