The Burden is on the Objectors

Posted: April 9, 2014 in Apologetics
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Image: horiavarlan under CC BY 2.0

It requires patience to deal with the objections to Christian theism in today’s milieu of worldviews. Sometimes you get that queasiness in the stomach when confronted by sceptics. Just remember that not every question or objection need be answered.

I remember once having a conversation with someone about Christianity when they commented about the fact that there were many beliefs systems similar to Christianity that were much older. In fact, this person implied that the beliefs of Wiccans were much older than Christianity, and even older than Jewish beliefs.

I had just viewed the Zeitgeist movie, and was familiar with the claims. I asked the person to give me specific examples. They went down the Zeitgeist list. When they finished, I took each example and refuted the claims. The person was surprised that I was familiar with the objections, and then turned to emotional ad hominems and red herrings. They were not prepared for a reasoned defense of Christianity. It’s important to remember that dialogue is a two-way street. Your objector is just as much on the hook as you are. Don’t be afraid to hold their feet to the fire.

Needless-to-say, I knew my words were falling on deaf ears, and politely ended the conversation.

“It’s natural that when Christians are confronted by a friend who questions them about an article like McDougall’s, they feel a bit scared. I’ve received many inquiries by people asking for my help on the charges of the Zeitgeist movie or the supposedly rejected gospels. I get that it can feel overwhelming. But please remember, a lot of those objections are based on others doing their own brain-unplugging. They are uncritically taking any objection to Christianity that they can Google-search and presenting it before you to justify their skepticism.

If the skeptics you converse with are going to engage in a “you must give me reasons” exchange, then they should be prepared to give reasons why they think their “evidence” should be accepted as a real objection. It isn’t enough for them to throw out the very first “critical response” they can find. As I’ve said before, any fool with a login and an opinion can post on the Internet. That doesn’t mean the objections they offer are worthwhile.”
-Lenny Esposito


  1. The movie Zeitgeist is horrible and full of nonsense. And I say this as an atheist and a skeptic.

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