Morality Does Not Begin or End with Us

Posted: June 24, 2014 in Apologetics, Quotes
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20140621-121245-43965997.jpgImage by Nemo through a Public Domain CC0 License

“Hall claims that Atheism’ logical conclusion is a more humane way of living. This is simply not the case. Atheism, if taken as derived from a Naturalistic worldview is Darwinian in nature, which, as said above, does not lead to any sense of morality to speak of. If we are, as the naturalistic view would have us, without value, worth, meaning, purpose, or morality, we are merely animals, and in this world “might makes right.” Its easy to sit back in a first-world country and give platitudes of morality that we all respect, but tell that to those who were under the rule of Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, or Joseph Kony. If God does not exist, then there is no objective morality to speak of or to adhere to. Morality does not begin and end with us, as Hall states. It begins and ends with God, who is also the one who create all men in his image, which gives us intrinsic value, worth, meaning, and purpose.”
-Matt V. Walker, Anchor a Apologetics


simul iustus et peccator,

Eric Adams

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