IMG_1575.JPG Photo titled Hipster Portal, by FunGi_(Trading), used without alteration through a CC License

“Often at the root of so much Christian “engagement” with pop culture lies an embarrassment about the “oddity” of the gospel. Even Christians feel that other people won’t resonate with this strange biblical world of talking snakes, parting seas, floating ax heads, virginal conceptions, and emptied graves. It is easier to meet them “where they are” by putting in a Gospel According to Andy Griffith DVD (for the less hip among us) or by growing a soul patch and quoting Coldplay at the fair-trade coffee house (for the more hip among us).”- Russell Moore

via “Cultural Engagement”

The entire article is worth the read. We miss the point of Paul and Mars Hill. We are ashamed of the foolishness of the Cross, so we are ashamed of the Gospel.

simul iustus et peccator,

Eric Adams


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