The Limits of Science

Posted: September 25, 2014 in Apologetics, Uncategorized
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IMG_0004.JPGScience Fish Image courtesy of Steve Rainwater through a CC Generic License. No alteration have been made to this image.

““Science” thus becomes a religion: we believe this to be True, and if you don’t, you’re wrong. No, we can’t prove this is True; we simply believe it’s True. It might be a mom telling us vaccines cause autism, hyperactivity and bullying, or it might be a guy on tv telling us that there is not God, but there is Science. And Science is always right.”
– Elise Hilton, via

It’s always humorous to read or listen to hardcore antitheists attempt to beat theism into submission to a godless universe.

There’s only one problem: science will never be able to prove or disprove the existence of God. Why is that? Because science is about engineering incrementally, and not about really smart people searching for truth. It’s about repeating experiments over-and-over until you’re pretty sure it’s a reliable theory. How ya goin’ to do that with God? That’s right…you can’t.

Science has given us many wonderful insights into how our world works, but it can never answer the ultimate questions of origins, purpose, meaning, beauty, goodness, ethics, or ultimate destinations.

It takes a “fundamental epistemic humility, and humility is the hardest thing to wring out of the bombastic animals we are.”

But for most people, science means super-smart people telling you what to believe as truth.

“And it’s this view of science that many people hold until this day. Which is a problem. Because it’s backwards. Science means “Here’s an idea of how things work. Let’s test that idea. A lot. The outcome of those tests will tell us if that idea is true or not.” Instead, we have people who think science means, “This idea is True. Smart people believe it’s True. I think it’s True. Evidence not-withstanding, this is True.””

I’m not impressed. Truth (and God) is the domain of religion and philosophy, not science. Remember that.

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