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“Strange, last night in Lakemba in Sydney’s west a hate-preacher of Islam was telling a small crowd about how evil Australia is and how it must come under seventh-century sharia law. There were no protestors there. There were no crowds seeking to drown out his voice. There were no demos.

But here we had 7000 people who simply wanted to show their love and concern for the unborn, and we have these screaming banshees treating us as if we were a bunch of Nazis. Go figure. Their signs said it all really. One large sign held high by a very angry young man actually said this: “THE ONLY GOOD BABY IS A DEAD BABY!”

I kid you not. There were other equally appalling signs, such as “Cory Bernardi is a failed abortion”. The anger, rage and diabolical ugliness of these protestors was really something to behold. These really were manifestations of the demonic.

A large pro-life sign on a truck was spray-painted with graffiti, with words like “racist”. Umm, what does racism have to do with protecting babies? “Smash sexism” was another dopey sign. Again, what does loving babies have to do with sexism? Both male and female babies are horribly killed by abortion.”

via When Love and Hate Collide » Bill Muehlenberg’s CultureWatch.

The hatred of all things Christian is indeed demonic. The horrible venom spewed by those who claim to want tolerance is hypocrisy beyond measure. Darkness always sides with darkness. Immorality cannot produce morality. Whether it be homosexuality, abortion, sexual promiscuity, or any number of immoral activities, one thing is always clear…they will introduce more immorality. They will breed darkness and every evil desire, when carried to their logical ends. We do indeed live in dark days, when evil is called good, and good is labeled as evil. We should be driven to intense prayer for our culture, and we should plead for mercy from a holy God.

simul iustus et peccator,

Eric Adams


20140708-175126-64286055.jpgimage title: Jeremiah Lamenting the Destruction of Jerusalem by Dennis Jarvis, used through a CC 2.0 Liscense

“I can sit here all day and write poems about the beloved walrus or the hallowed dolphin, but my pro-animal stance will likely never require anything of me. I don’t have to do anything. I’ll never be forced to sacrifice for the spotted owl or the gray wolf. A humpback whale will never show up at my door and ask me to take care of it for the next 18 years. A Siberian tiger probably won’t come to my house one day and demand that I change my entire life to accommodate it. I might go out and adopt a pet, but that is always a deliberate act. Babies, on the other hand, happen when we have sex. But sex is fun, and babies are hard work. Babies intrude on our fun. They ruin it. This, and only this, is the reason why we defend the slaughter of children while weeping over the remains of a murdered leopard.”
– Matt Walsh, from the post “Just pretend this dead lion is a human baby, and then you won’t be so upset”,

– Matt Walsh


It really is a surreal world we now live in. Hedonism and narcissism prevail. We call what is right wrong, and what is wrong we call right. We threaten death to those who simply want to protect the innocent unborn from murder, yet it is pro-lifers who are called the barbarians. We seek to preserve the primary pillar of society- the traditional family, (meaning a husband and wife, who have children, thus allowing mankind to flourish)-and we are called bigots and homophobes. We wish to not be participants in abortifacient birth control, and ironically, we are called “woman-haters”.

Yet we continue to say what God says, and take our lumps when we must. We are the prophetic voice to our culture, and while there is breath, we will cry out “Repent, and receive forgiveness for you sins through Christ’s blood”.

We know how Jeremiah must have felt.

The Daily Kos blogging corps is proving to be fertile ground for finding material that helps illustrate what abolitionists are dealing with and up against when it comes to pushing for and bringing about a society that respects human lives for what they are – created in the image of God – and reflects that view of humanity in its laws and its behavior.

The latest offering from the blogger known as Bad Kitties comes to us in the form of An Open Letter to Supporters of Personhood. The tone is strident, fierce, frustrated, and emotional. The letter itself is a combination of so many of the issues that we have already dealt with in our Abolitionist FAQ and sadly Bad Kitties does not advance the argument on those points, so we merely invite the reader to examine our standing rebuttals to her complaints and to consider why it is that abortion proponents so rarely engage abolitionist counterarguments and why, when they do, they fail to make a dent in those rebuttals.

The single most important question in the debate surrounding the justifiability of abortion is this: What is the product of human conception?

If the product of human conception is a human being, then all the same reasons that any of us give for outlawing, preventing, and protecting murder of adults and born children also apply to protecting the fetus (aka preborn child) from anyone who might wish to harm him or her.

If the product of human conception is not a human being, then ending its development requires no more soul-searching or justification than taking an antibiotic, throwing a rock into a river, snacking on a carrot, or removing a wisdom tooth.  It is not a difficult choice. It does not entail sorrow or “deep reflection”. It is not “an issue to be taken seriously”.

I live among neighbors along my street. They are all human beings. What if I could define one or all of them as “non-human” based on nothing more than my arbitrary whim? What if personhood were conferred when I say to myself, “This is my human neighbor”?  Or what if my neighbors are not people until they bring me a plate full of cookies? As a cookie-eater, I know that neighbors have the potential to be people, but until they dish out the cookies, they are not.

Absurd and ridiculous, isn’t it? The humanity or personhood of my neighbors is not dependent on whether they perform a particular action, like cookie-baking or cookie-gifting. Their humanity or personhood is also not dependent on whether I think they have humanity or personhood. No, they possess humanity and personhood for one reason and one reason only – they were created in the image of God.

via The sacred bond between mother and child | Abolitionist Society of Oklahoma.