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20140708-175126-64286055.jpgimage title: Jeremiah Lamenting the Destruction of Jerusalem by Dennis Jarvis, used through a CC 2.0 Liscense

“I can sit here all day and write poems about the beloved walrus or the hallowed dolphin, but my pro-animal stance will likely never require anything of me. I don’t have to do anything. I’ll never be forced to sacrifice for the spotted owl or the gray wolf. A humpback whale will never show up at my door and ask me to take care of it for the next 18 years. A Siberian tiger probably won’t come to my house one day and demand that I change my entire life to accommodate it. I might go out and adopt a pet, but that is always a deliberate act. Babies, on the other hand, happen when we have sex. But sex is fun, and babies are hard work. Babies intrude on our fun. They ruin it. This, and only this, is the reason why we defend the slaughter of children while weeping over the remains of a murdered leopard.”
– Matt Walsh, from the post “Just pretend this dead lion is a human baby, and then you won’t be so upset”,

– Matt Walsh


It really is a surreal world we now live in. Hedonism and narcissism prevail. We call what is right wrong, and what is wrong we call right. We threaten death to those who simply want to protect the innocent unborn from murder, yet it is pro-lifers who are called the barbarians. We seek to preserve the primary pillar of society- the traditional family, (meaning a husband and wife, who have children, thus allowing mankind to flourish)-and we are called bigots and homophobes. We wish to not be participants in abortifacient birth control, and ironically, we are called “woman-haters”.

Yet we continue to say what God says, and take our lumps when we must. We are the prophetic voice to our culture, and while there is breath, we will cry out “Repent, and receive forgiveness for you sins through Christ’s blood”.

We know how Jeremiah must have felt.