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We have not New Testament example of any of this. I have participated in this type of Unbiblical shenanigans in the past. The line between Christianity and paganism becomes blurred when we step out of the Biblical example. 

Binding Territorial Demons

Binding territorial demons is one of the most popular SLSW strategies.  This is believed to be achieved in several different ways.  Often times an “apostle or prophet” will claim that god has revealed a particular demon over an area that must be bound.  This “apostle or prophet” will often give this demon a name or characterize it as a demon of (name the sin).  He or she will then elaborate on “God’s” battle plan for binding the demon.  These battle plans can include fasting, praying, massive prayer vigils, prayer walking, warfare prayer, pouring anointing oil in specific spots, blowing shofars and proclaiming the demons be bound in Jesus’ name.

In 2011 Cindy Jacobs and John Benefiel claimed that God had revealed that DC was being controlled by a demon named Columbia, so they organized NAR believers across America to remove Columbia’s influence.  This move was known as DC40.  Prayer and fasting was directed towards the removal of this perceived demonic threat.  To the NAR’s defense, I will add that there are pagans who believe a goddess named Columbia rules in America.  Whatever the case, their efforts proved to be fruitless.  Nothing improved.  Our nation is continuing to go downhill morally.

Some questions for NAR adherents:  Are we as believers supposed to be engaged in these types of activities?  Is Christ glorified when we participate in these endeavors? Does this have anything to do with the great commission?  Does God’s word command us to bind territorial demons for the purposes of taking dominion?

via Strategic Level Spiritual Warfare and the New Apostolic Reformation | Youth Apologetics Training.


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Eric Adams 

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